200 Series HomeFORM

Our ZEGO Domestic HomeFORM come in 3 sizes, 150, 200, 250 Series

  • Suitable for all residential applications not requiring a fire rating
  • A sacrificial hollow foam block that is core filled with concrete (32mpa, 10mm, 180mm slump)
  • Positive female and male interconnect to eliminate sideways slippage during concrete pour
  • A patented locking mechanism allows the blocks to lock together in increment of 50mm
  • A patented Dove tail groove for render and plasterboard support
  • Manufactured to fully engineered and quality assured tolerances
  • Fully complies with AS 1366, AS3600, AS3610, AS3700 Standards
Domestic Forms ICFs Usage ChartZEGO SeriesEffective Size mmInsulating
ConcreteAs a
Two storey External & Internal walls with timber first floor.
Three Story above ground with suspended concrete slabs or timber floor.
Basement, Retaining walls, Water tanks, Detention tanks & pools.
150 Series143119030033 x 2 = 66mm80mm0.066215.11.2
200 Series190119030045 x 2 = 90mm100mm0.083312.0up to 2.1
250 Series238119030045 x 2 = 90mm150mm0.12458.0above 2.1

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