Benefits of Building with Insulated Concrete Forms from ZEGO

05 Oct,2016


– Fire Retardant F Grade EPS Complies with the Australian Standards AS & The Building Code of Australia BCA

– 300mm x 1200mm x 190mm to suit Door, Ceiling Levels & Plasterboard Sizes

– German Engineered with Australian Engineers for the Australasian Market

– 300mm High for 2.1 Door Heads, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0 & 3.6m Ceiling Heights to suit Standard Building Materials in Australia

– Interlock & Intersect ICF blocks to 50mm increments

– Pitched Central Joiner to allow full encapsulation of Reinforcement by the Concrete

– Parallel Concrete Core means cores do not need to line up. Design also means only 20-25mpa is required ( final strength)

– More Concrete Surface area when Mounting Services or Wall Fixtures

– Flat Concrete Design allows Mounting Fixtures Flat

– Walls up to 6.0m High- NO PROBLEM!

– Patented Dovetail Grooves for Render & Plaster Board Support. Guarantees Render & Plasterboard cannot Delaminate

– Only 2.8 blocks per Square Metre Saves 50% Labour Time in Material Handling

– Save 50-80% Heating & Cooling Costs due to Enormous Insulation

– Walls supported by Patented Wall Brace Scaffold System- This means Plumb Walls, a Scaffold to work off, Walls will not blow away when constructing & Faster Construction

– ZEGO Training available. Offsite Workshops and Onsite training on commencement of your project

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