CAD Files DWG & Span Tables

DYI m2 Build costs

ZEGO Domestic Insulated Concrete Form CAD Files

ZEGO Domestic A1 Sheet Size 1 of 2 File type .dwg
ZEGO Domestic A1 Sheet Size 2 of 2 File Type .dwg

ZEGO Domestic Engineered Lintel Tables and Graphs PDFs


Mine Subsidence and Highly Reactive Soils – Articulated Walls and Lintels

ZEGO Articulated Construction General Arrangement.pdf
ZEGO Articulated Construction Details.pdf
ZEGO Articulated Lintel Tables for Sheet Roof.pdf
ZEGO Articulated Lintel Tables for Tiled Roof.pdf

Commercial Drawings and Sections

ZEGO Z Board External Insulated Facade System

EIFS Brochure
Guide to EIFS Construction

When designing for Z Board (EIFS),allow for the following thicknesses

Thickness Render thickness Base coat and Top coat Total width outside of structure
52mm 8+2/3= 10mm to 11mm 62mm to 63mm

60mm 8+2/3= 10mm to 11mm 70mm to 71mm

100mm 8+2/3= 10mm to 11mm 110mm to 111mm

150mm 8+2/3= 10mm to 11mm 160mm to 161mm

ZEGO Domestic 200 Series Retaining Wall CAD File

200 Series Retaining Wall CAD File

NOTE: More retaining wall drawings are available for the Fire Form and ReFORM products

Swimming Pool CAD Files and Specifications

ZEGO Swimming Pool Specifications
01 Scope of Pools Covered
02 General Arrangement
03 Foundation and Backfill
04 ICF Coursing
05 Structure Very Good Ground
06 Structure Good Ground Sand
07 Structure Good Ground Sandy Clay
08 Structure Poor Ground or Partially Out of Ground
09 Structure on Piers or Footings
10 Miscellaneous Details
11 Coping Details

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