Concrete Walling and Precast Concrete Floor Beams from ZEGO

05 Nov,2016

It’s all about a fresh new start in challenging circumstances. The Migrant Resource Centre of SA specialises in providing assistance to people from refugee and migrant backgrounds in their transition to living in South Australia.

In 2014 MRC were contemplating a fresh new start for themselves; replacing their existing building in Coglin St near the markets.

We toured the old building in September 2014; it looked distinctly forlorn and neglected, but what really occupied our minds were the challenges of replacing it.

It occupied a tight site with three direct street frontages. Not only was building access going to be difficult, but as a non-profit organisation it was imperative that the project be kept strictly within a tight budget.

The challenges were so daunting that we were having difficulty even finding a builder prepared to take the project on.

Eventually we found the perfect partner in Mossop, who eagerly embraced the challenge. Together with Meinhardt, our structural consultants, they devised a construction system consisting of Zego concrete walling and precast concrete floor beams. This combination allowed us to completely avoid internal columns and proved to be so effective in program terms that the project was completed a full six weeks before the contracted completion date!

Our client’s high expectations spurred us to strive to the utmost. In turn, when the tough decisions had to be made, they really proved to be understanding, adaptable and supportive. The result is a project that the whole team takes great pride in, and is all the more satisfying for the invaluable role that it plays in helping migrants make a fresh start in our lucky country.

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