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The ZEGO Club Rules and Policies Pertaining to Forum Topics and Web Site Conduct, Behavior, Post Content, Ads, Advertisements, Sales, Soliciting, Pyramid Schemes, Blogs and/or Surveys, etc. All of which are not allowed in the forum topics. Community Forum member postings must be courteous, polite and make a positive contribution to the topic discussion. Never degrade any other person or the information any member provides. Treat each other with respect, dignity, professionalism and a general high regard at all times.

Publicly second-guessing, harassing, belittling and or ridiculing are all prohibited. Moderators and members donate their time to make the Forums a Better Community. Content that may be interpreted as offensive, objectionable and/or inappropriate in a reasonable persons view is prohibited.

Forum Spamming Any user, who continually submits posts containing general conversational content without helpful, beneficial and/or meaningful content, in an attempt to increase post count or entice generic non related communications and/or any other self-promotion, is strictly prohibited.

Flaming Trolls has a zero tolerance policy pertaining to verbal abuse, misconduct, non professional mannerisms, malicious personal attacks, antagonizing, being disrespectful, disruptive, argumentative, etc. towards any another Community Member by posting any type of flame bait posts in the forum topics is strictly prohibited. Post your own best advice and allow others to do so also. Allow the member asking the question to select which advice best suites their individual needs, conditions and/or situation(s).

Photos and Graphics Posting of photos and/or graphics from other websites and/or any publications are strictly prohibited, unless you have permission from the owner of the work. Document the source of the photo by including a credit to the author is advised.

Relevance All posts must be written in easily understandable language and must be relevant to the topic discussion the post in made in. Jokes, sarcasms, and/or double meaning posts will be considered disruptive, non beneficial, distracting and/or annoying, etc. Any of such will be grounds for editing or deletion.

Derogative and/or negative remarks, comments, opinions, claims and/or statements made in any forum topic, in reference to and/or pertaining to any products, parts and/or services rendered by manufacturers, companies, dealers, agents, sponsors, advertisers, service personal and/or representatives of such, will and/or can be subjected to editing and/or deletion.

Any such violations not accompanied with a disclaimer note or statement to denote an expression of a personal opinion and/or personal experience, etc. will and/or can be subjected to editing and/or deletion, as and/or where needed to comply with the rules and/or policies. Community Forums cannot be used for personal and/or commercial gain. Posts should contribute to the discussion, provide useful, helpful and/or professional advice. Posts containing any type of content which provides compensation by any means and/or method through any affiliate programs, ads, advertisements, sales, referrals, redirects, chain letters, contests, personal web sites and or pyramid schemes, etc, are all prohibited.

Posts that are off the topic of discussion in the Community Forums are not allowed. Posts that interject non beneficial generic conversational communications, jokes, sarcasm and/or transmit, promote, disrupt and/or contain illegal content are all prohibited. Any of such kind, similar and/or like are subjected to editing or deletion.

Posts that transmit and/or facilitate distribution of content that is libelous, dangerous, harmful, antagonistic, slanderous, create an invasion of privacy and/or in violation of laws and/or the rights of another member, are unintelligible in content, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, racially, ethnically, culturally, religiously, gender and/or sexually offensive, are all prohibited. Posts containing viruses and/or any type of contaminating and/or destructive features are all prohibited.

Members should demonstrate progressive ideals by avoiding vocabulary considered offensive, discriminatory, argumentative, disruptive and/or judgmental. will not tolerate subordination of any individual, group, culture and/or religion. Disruption to the flow of discussion and/or posting off-topic comments and/or duplication of posts (Spamming) is prohibited.

Impersonation of another Member, Moderator and/or Administrator is strictly prohibited. Violators will be banned. Once Banned, regardless of the reason/issue, you cannot re-register and/or be accepted back onto the web site nor into the Forum Topics by using another name. Banning is done for rule and/or policy violations. Not for the person nor the member name used.

Posts in violation of copyright, trademark or intellectual property laws are not allowed. Just because material is available on the Internet, does not mean it is in the public domain. Most materials are protected by copyright laws.

All posted material not created by Members (whether found and/or posted on the web, newspaper, magazine, etc.) must be documented as to it’s source. Links should cite the source and/or author to avoid legal issues. Failure to document sources for research may result in posts being edited and/or deleted.

Posts in violation of local, state, federal or International Laws are prohibited. All posted materials become the property of ZEGO Pty Limited and web site.

Posts in languages other than English are prohibited. is a Global site, but not multi-lingual.

Posts that solicit members for any purpose external to the Community Forums are prohibited. The user base is not a resource to be mined by individuals, groups and/or businesses for general usage and/or with intent for personal benefit and/or financial gain, without prior written permission.

Posting of pornography materials, pictures and/or links to any pornographic sites is grounds for immediate banning without prior warnings and/or notifications. Additional legal actions may be taken.

Any ads, advertisements, contact information, solicitations, etc. within the forum topics and or within personal signatures is strictly prohibited. Ads, Advertisements, Surveys, Solicitations to market products, services and or requests to buy/sell/market products and/or hire person(s) to perform work, spam and or chain letters, blogs, contests, pyramid schemes, phone and/or fax numbers, business and/or email addresses, links to personally owned web sites, business and/or company names used as registered member names, in the forum topics, etc, are not allowed in any forum topics.

Any use of images in signature lines is prohibited. The web site does not allow phone numbers, business names, addresses, links and or post office boxes, etc. to be used in the forums by anyone. For your own protection and to comply with the advertising policy, does not allow any contact information of any type and/or kind, URLs and/or Web Addresses in signatures to be used by anyone.

Members may voluntarily communicate with each other by clicking Profiles to send a Private Message (PM) to those who permit it. A registered user may include an email address and/or other address information in his/her profile page. Usage of your profile to provide contact information is done solely at your own discretion and risk. Signatures, Character and Content Spacing Policies.

Content in Signature Lines should not distract readers from reading threads. Signatures must conserve space in the database and search engine. Signatures are limited to single-spaced 250 characters including spaces. Signatures cannot contain pictures, links, ads and or advertisements of any type. Members may include a favorite quote, phrase, personal note and or reminder, as part of the signature. Usage of all capital letters is prohibited.

Violators of the rules are subject to suspension and/or banning from usage on the web site. Web Site Incorporated may, at their option and/or discretion, pursue legal actions against any individual, group, organization and/or company for any illegal violations and/or actions to the fullest extent of the law.

Management reserves the right to edit Members Rules as needed. All decisions of the owner, staff and or management team are final.

Sharp Advice, the web site host and forums monitor, has been granted permission to edit, modify, update and/or alter the rules and/or policies to keep them current. All web site users are responsible to check this post regularly for future edits, updates and/or revisions.

Moderators and/or Super Moderators are not to edit, alter, modify and/or delete here in contained content and/or information without prior authorized permission.

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