New ZEGO Insulated Concrete Forms App

03 Nov,2016

The ZEGO Building Systems App is designed for the end user such as Architects, Engineers, Building Designers, Builders, Owner Builders, DIY’s and home owners to simplify the building process of both commercial and residential building when using ZEGO Building Systems. If you are looking to build an energy efficient, green star and sustainable home, the ZEGO Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) has all those features with the benefit of a reinforced concrete home which is thermally insulated and faster to build.

The App also includes the ZEGO Store to make ordering easier. Simply input your square metres of walls nominating HomeFORM, FireFORM, ReFORM, ConFORM or ZlabFORM and the App will work out total quantities of steel, concrete, formwork, cost and delivery to site.

Z-Board engineering manuals to AS3600 and AS3700, lintel span tables and charts are also available with a gallery of ZEGO projects in a location near you and an easy to use Contractors Directory.

Available on the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

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