“High energy-rated house”

Set on a spectacular hilltop in central Victoria, this home was designed with structural base walls of ZEGO ICFs. The result is a monumental, high energy-rated house in a harsh but beautiful environment.

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“Enjoyed ZEGO experience”

I’ve been a renderer for 25 years. I was contracted to render a ZEGO home many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Two of the most important benefits for me as a renderer were the straight true walls due

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“ZEGO gives confidence”

As a Designer one of the key things you look for in a product supplier is reliability, cost effectiveness and support availability. All of these I’ve experienced from ZEGO. As a Project Manager, I’ve been involved in both commercial and

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“Enjoyed the ease and practicality of building”

As an Owner Builder, I particularly enjoyed the ease and practicality of building with ZEGO and the reassurance of a great service/support during my building process. Now, having enjoyed living in my home for many years, I’ve experienced significant savings

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“ZEGO offered structural integrity”

We first came across ZEGO over 10 years ago when we arrived in Australia. As a European, I was frustrated at the apparent lack of alternatives to the conventional block and brickwork for walls. The ZEGO Insulated Concrete Form work

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