“The energy savings are immense and smart”

You can be proud of a great product. I am still so impressed by the wonderful system, cannot believe the

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“Strength and durability”

These are maintenance free homes, The strength and durability of the concrete slab, walls and upper floors means there won’t

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“Economical and environment friendly”

I do wish that, in the future, more homes are constructed this way as I sincerely believe that it can

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“Delighted to have you working on this exciting project with us”

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“Performed well in the winter”

It was a beautiful house to live in, it performed particularly well in the winter – with the north facing

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“Fast and easy to work with Z-Board”

As a specialist cladding installer, I particularly enjoy using the ZEGO Z-Board because it is fast and easy to work

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“Extremely happy with the ZEGO job”

We engaged Conty Constructions to supply and erect ZEGO, insulated concrete forms as part of our owner build job. We

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“High energy-rated house”

Set on a spectacular hilltop in central Victoria, this home was designed with structural base walls of ZEGO ICFs. The

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“Enjoyed ZEGO experience”

I’ve been a renderer for 25 years. I was contracted to render a ZEGO home many years ago and thoroughly

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“ZEGO gives confidence”

As a Designer one of the key things you look for in a product supplier is reliability, cost effectiveness and

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