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Architect, Building Designer, Engineer, Consultant, Builder, Trades Person, Retailer or Owner Builder.

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Have you always wanted to build a website yourself to showcase your profession or trade and don’t know where to start ? It is actually quite simple.

You have plenty of photos of your past works and you have a complete story to tell about yourself and or your company.

You would like to showcase your benefits and abilities and let prospective clients read and see what you have to offer !

Now lets learn the art of building a website faster with ZEGO.

1- Firstly you will need a website address i.e. or . Use a spreadsheet or write down all the combinations and then list in order of preference. It’s a good idea to also trade mark and register your name and logo with IP Australia. If it is already registered in your category to someone else,you may need to choose an available one. Remember you never know how big your business will grow to, so correctly protect it, NOW!!!
2- Now, one at time see if that website address is available and then register it. You should also register the .com and or .net also otherwise others may ride on your coat tail. The system will remind you to renew in 1 year or 2 years depending on what you select.

3- When you have registered your website address, you will need a storage area on a host server to store your website information. How big a hosting do you need? Start with the minimum, as the first thing you really need is a single home page with your contact details. Then you can upgrade to more space as your website grows in size.

4- Select additional items for your hosting space i.e. MySQL Data base, e-mail address as required ( again you can always upgrade easily if you need more! )

5-Now, lets start building your website. Take some A4 paper and sketch out your home page. Include a top menu and a side menu, LOGO Location and other areas like a registration area

6- Menu items will link to the information you wish to display ( the link is called a hyperlink, as it simply has the location of the file within your website space )

7- With your Home page and your menu pages sketched out you now need to work out what components you need i.e. Photo gallery, FAQ’s, Links, About Us, shopping cart for retailers, data base etc.

8-Next you select Website Builder and the page size of website you require. Remember( you can upgrade as you grow/extend your website )

9-Graphic artwork or standard artwork templates, you choose. You can always change the “look and feel” of your website.

10- You can select to park your other registered website names to your main website also if you don’t want individual websites for each.This is used to redirect to your main DNS ( domain name server ) location. ( You can always un-park and re-park to any IP or web address.

11- If you are having a payment section on your website your clients or customers will have more confidence if they see as “S” in the address bar of your site on the page where they enter there confidential information i.e. https://and not http:// To have this appear you need to register a SSL (Secure Socket Layer ) So select eShop and this will secure your site for e-commerce transactions.

12- Now it’s time to setup the website and you will need a little knowledge here as you need to connect to the index folder i.e. your home page file.

13- Test your website, test that all registered domain names link back to your main website and test your e-mail addresses

14- Marketing – You will need to work out if you are relying on word of mouth or if you need to drive traffic to your website. If it is the latter you need to let people know via SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) or via banner ad’s and blogs etc.

Click here to Register Domain Names and Hosting requirements

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