ZEGO insulated concrete walls ensure energy efficiency at Seabrook VIC home

29 Nov,2016

ZEGO Building Systems was approached by a European owner-builder who sought an alternative wall system to help meet energy efficiency and sustainability objectives.

Dissatisfied with the conventional building solutions available in Australia, the client researched various alternative wall systems for the Teatree Place, Seabrook VIC home before seeking out ZEGO Building Systems for their insulated concrete formwork solution.

ZEGO supplied the 200 Series domestic forms for external walls to provide a 100mm concrete core and overall wall thickness of 190mm wide plus finishes. The 150 Series domestic forms were used for the internal walls, providing an 80mm concrete core and overall thickness of 143mm wide plus finishes to save on internal floor space.

Since the home was not in a bushfire prone area, the ZEGO domestic building system was the quickest and most cost-effective solution for this application.

The client has been able to achieve a highly energy-efficient reinforced concrete home with an R 3+ rating. Heating and cooling costs were significantly reduced by 50-80 per cent, with the homeowner able to even turn off the heating and cooling systems during peak winter and summer months, based on their confidence that the ZEGO insulated concrete walls would maintain the temperature throughout their home.

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