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04 Oct,2017

News reader, Paul Kadak featured last night on Channel 7 News on how soaring power bills are impacting the way we build homes.

Kadak reported on the surge of Home Owners and Builder choosing to construct homes with energy saving materials instead of bricks and mortar.

“With energy costs weighing down family budgets, this could be the way to lighten the load” “Instead of bricks” Kadak reports on homes under construction in Ryde and Kellyville “are being built out of foam”

These blocks interlock together to form the walls, then they are filled with concrete and the foam insulates the concrete. They are called “Insulating Concrete Forms.” Supplier ZEGO, says its “fire retardant and termite proof.”

Builder, Elie Farah of Effective Building who is using it for the first time on a project in Ermington, commented “it’s a lot more affordable” and “you’re getting more for your money.”

Used for decades in Europe, it’s not that common here, however, Kadak states “that rising power prices could change that.”

Project Manager, Sasha Popovic at Ryde stated “it’s going to give you a building that will last forever” and “your energy bills will be minimal”

That was the attraction for Home Owner, Greg Curtis who has been almost 4 years in his ZEGO built home and says his bills have halved. “In Spring and Autumn, the house doesn’t need artificial cooling or heating” and “ even in Summer and winter, we just use it on the hottest and coldest days”

ZEGO is easy to bring on to the site and lift on to the first floor. “Pretty much if you can read plans, you can use ZEGO” comments Builder, Elie Farah.

Paul Kadak reporting, Channel 7 News.

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