Permanent, efficient, Insulated, easy install, gun barrel straight and plumb walls, VALUE!

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Simple Product to Install

A simple product that offers speed of construction, energy efficiency and sound long term rigidity makes for a superior home

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Technical Advice

Technical Advice- Perfect!

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ZEGO Ticks Boxes

Authentic, local, environmentally best in class. customer service where you can engage with the owner and inventor. ZEGO ticks so

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This a great achievement and something that we should all feel proud about.

Dear Contractors and Consultants,  I would like to announce that Palumbo have won the National HIA GreenSmart award for townhouse/villa

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An eco-friendly structure in terms of energy savings and internal comfort level with no use of any air conditioning

Always keen on energy-efficient and versatile building systems, we had no doubt to propose the ZEGO System to an open

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“The ZEGO forms have proven themselves as a sound, time and cost effective solution every time”

“The ZEGO form in Reform, Fire Form and the domestic series in Kewarra, North Queensland have proven themselves as a

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“Very comfortable even without air conditioning”

We have now moved into our renovated house. The ZEGO has been awesome throughout summer. We are very comfortable even

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“The energy savings are immense and smart”

You can be proud of a great product. I am still so impressed by the wonderful system, cannot believe the

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“Strength and durability”

These are maintenance free homes, The strength and durability of the concrete slab, walls and upper floors means there won’t

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