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ZEGO is an Australian family owned company and industry leader in the manufacture and supply of insulated concrete formwork and alternative wall building systems since 2001.

An ideal alternative to conventional building systems, we offer a sustainable, energy efficient and faster way to build the walls of a residential or commercial building.

We’ve been offering wall building solutions to Australians for over 15 years and constantly strive to be innovative by introducing new product solutions to the market to keep on trend and at the same time offer our clients the latest in building technologies.

Now offering ZlabFORM, an insulated and fully integrated suspended flooring system, ZEGO provides the whole super structure of your building quickly and efficiently.

Owner Builders will benefit from our unsurpassed engineering design and quality and a level of personal service given on your important investment.

Residential Builders enjoy the versatility of our interlocking product range offering structural, cladding and strippable plastic solutions that can be used in combination on any residential house design including pool and landscape design.

Commercial Builders love the reduced construction program times for multi-story and large commercial developments with fewer trades on site and faster erection times.

Everyone saves with the reduced waste and mess on site including the environment.

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ZEGO Pty Limited

Head Office & Tenders -- Ph (02) 9651 2277
GPO Box 4774
Sydney NSW 2001
Ph : 1300 13 9346
Fax : (02) 9651 2477

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