ZEGO’s professional and qualified team aims to meet our customer needs quickly and efficiently and will always endeavour to  respond to any enquiries effectively and satisfactorily.

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General Service

Our customer service team are on hand from;

8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday

8.30am to 4pm on Fridays

*We are closed on weekends and public holidays

To answer any questions you may have or to offer any other services including cost estimates, technical consultation, deliveries or general customer service

Technical Support

Our technical support team provide our customers with detailed product information, expertise based on many years of experience regarding installation and specification of our products and much more.

ZEGO Application for Smart Devices

We’re excited to announce the release and newly launched ZEGO Application available to download from the Apple Store. Suitable for download on all Iphones and smartphones

( both apple and android) and tablets.

This App will give you fast and convenient access to estimating, technical information, ordering and downloads.

Customers will also have access to scaling and measurement tools to assist with quantity take offs and will be able to see where ZEGO projects are under construction or completed in a location nearby.

Research & Development

We pride ourselves on forward thinking and innovation and therefore continuously invest in Research and Development to ensure we offer the best in building design and technology for our customers.

Design & Engineering

At ZEGO we specialise in an Insulated concrete formwork wall and suspended slab solutions.

However, we also offer a recycled plastic, reusable formwork and cladding wall solution for residential and commercial applications.

Our team will assist you with finding the wall solution that will;

  • Meet specification of your project design
  • Provide fire ratings
  • Provide sound rating
  • Suit the environment to be situated in
  • Provide a structural integrity
  • Provide construction engineering and installation details
  • All ZEGO Building Systems comply with all relevant Building Codes

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