50% less energy than a typical Urban Townhouse!

When we first visited, it was the height of summer in early December, it was a stinking hot period of several days of really hot weather, and it struck me just how cool the house was

Shelley Wood, Prince's Terraces Resident

“The ZEGO forms have proven themselves as a sound, time and cost effective solution every time”

Construction Manager, Director, ADEPTMO
“Extremely happy with the ZEGO job”
We engaged Conty Constructions to supply and erect ZEGO, insulated concrete forms as part of our owner build job. We were extremely happy with the job they did. The crew were very friendly and happy to work in with other trades on site. I was impressed at how thorough they were in cleaning up at the end of the job. Kemal was a great help with advice on how to proceed, as well as making improvements and cost savings. I would not hesitate to recommend Conty Constructions for a building project
Rita and Tony, Dromana April 2017
“Economical and environment friendly”
I do wish that, in the future, more homes are constructed this way as I sincerely believe that it can be an economical and environmentally friendly means especially as the building ages
Greg Curtis, Home owner

“We felt truly safe and protected in our cocoon during the COVID lockdown.”

Ian, Diamond Creek

“High energy-rated house –
Set on a spectacular hilltop in central Victoria, this home was designed with structural base walls of ZEGO ICFs. The result is a monumental, high energy-rated house in a harsh but beautiful environment.”

Robert Harwood, Architect

Authentic, local, environmentally best in class. customer service where you can engage with the owner and inventor. ZEGO ticks
so many boxes in terms of sources of Trust.

Jacqui, ZEGO Ticks Boxes

Delighted to have you working on this exciting project with us

The Princes Terraces, Bowden, SA

I’ve been a renderer for 25 years. I was contracted to render a ZEGO home many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Two of the most important benefits for me as a renderer were the straight true walls due to the wall alignment system and the dove tail vertical grooving on the walls both externally and internally which allow the acrylic render to be supported not only when first applied but also mechanically locks the acrylic render to the foam once dry.Since my first project, we’ve rendered numerous projects using ZEGO and I recently built an extension to my own home using ZEGO

George Yaacoub, Renderer, Sydney

ZEGO ReFORM is a re-usable formwork to reduce costs and waste. I like the imprints of the formwork and subtle deformations in the wall that play against the light

Alexander Symes, Architect – Upside Down Akubra House

Enjoyed working with ZEGO

I’d like to say how much I have enjoyed working with Zego. It says a lot that a computer nerd with limited DIY skills can build a house like this almost entirely unaided. It took 6 months but I could only build in my spare time while still working full time. I think this shows how good the ZEGO system is.

Mark, Owner Builder


Permanent, efficient, Insulated, easy install, gun barrel straight and plumb walls, VALUE!

Stuart, Builder

A simple product that offers speed of construction, energy efficiency and sound long term rigidity makes for a superior home

Justin, Account Manager

Technical Advice- Perfect!

Pat, Builder

“This a great achievement and something that we should all feel proud about”.

I would like to announce that Palumbo have won the National HIA GreenSmart award for townhouse/villa development, for the Princes Foundation project at Bowden. We are the only SA builder to win a Green Smart  award this year.  I would like to thank you all for your hard work on the delivering this project and we couldn’t of achieve this award without your commitment to the project.

A great project that delivered: 

1st 6 Star Green star design and as built project in SA, 6 Star – Multi unit Residential Design & AS Built project in Australia, Highest-scored Green star project in SA. 

This a great achievement and something that we should all feel proud about.

Anthony Palumbo, Palumbo

Always keen on energy-efficient and versatile building systems, we had no doubt to propose the ZEGO System to an open minded client of ours, very responsive to embrace this new sustainable alternative system to the conventional methods. We couldn’t have chosen better: not only was the construction process fast and quiet, but also the ICF has immediately offered the owner the benefits of an eco-friendly structure in terms of energy savings and internal comfort level with no use of any air conditioning. Our ‘love story’ with ZEGO is ongoing: already commissioned to use it again soon!

Michele De Vido, Interno61, Italian Design Studio

We have now moved into our renovated house. The ZEGO has been awesome throughout summer. We are very comfortable even without air conditioning!

We are now considering building a pool and are interested in using ZEGO again.

Vanessa Giliberti, Chatswood NSW

You can be proud of a great product.
I am still so impressed by the wonderful system, cannot believe the insulated quality I have. Absolutely awesome!
Best move I ever made with building decision. In this day and environmental age, it should almost be made mandatory. The energy savings are immense and smart

Robert Zimmermann, Built in Maude, VIC in 2007

These are maintenance free homes, The strength and durability of the concrete slab, walls and upper floors means there won’t be the maintenance required compared to that of a conventional timber framed house.

Elvis Lazic, Optima Constructions

It was a beautiful house to live in, it performed particularly well in the winter – with the north facing glass and the fabulous thermal mass of the walls we found that the house held its temperature really well. In fact we would often have to open windows during winter with the fire going as it would get too hot inside. It was also a quiet house, often not hearing if someone had driven up. We are now living in a brick veneer rental property and have noticed the difference. Funnily it was our real estate agent who brought the property!

Matt & Abby, Clare, SA

As a specialist cladding installer, I particularly enjoy using the ZEGO Z-Board because it is fast and easy to work with, requiring minimal tools to install and no site congestion.I can achieve the same end result as a rendered brick veneer finish with a light weight material that also insulates. It is fantastic for house extensions and additions.

Vic Arapovic, Cladding Specialist

Re- usable form work to reduce costs and waste.

ZEGO ReFORM is a re-usable formwork to reduce costs and waste. I like the imprints of the formwork and subtle deformations in the wall that play against the light
Alexander Symes

Alexander Symes, Architect – Upside Down Akubra House

“ZEGO offered structural integrity”

We first came across ZEGO over 10 years ago when we arrived in Australia. As a European, I was frustrated at the apparent lack of alternatives to the conventional block and brickwork for walls. The ZEGO Insulated Concrete Form work offered us the structural integrity of reinforced concrete with the added bonus of the stay in place foam for insulation. Our house was built so quickly that I soon started a business building houses for my friends and have since become an Installer for ZEGO Building Systems. I’ve looked at many similar systems but remain loyal to ZEGO because of the superior engineering and design and dove tail groove but most importantly, the speed of construction through the use of the wall brace scaffolding

Kemal Basic, Installer, Melbourne

Simple Product to Install

A simple product that offers speed of construction, energy efficiency and sound long term rigidity makes for a superior home

Justin, Account Manager

“Enjoyed the ease and practicality of building”

As an Owner Builder, I particularly enjoyed the ease and practicality of building with ZEGO and the reassurance of a great service/support during my building process. Now, having enjoyed living in my home for many years, I’ve experienced significant savings in my heating and cooling costs as electricity only keeps rising but also a peaceful and relaxing environment because of the excellent sound proofing

Paul Reeve, Owner Builder, Melbourne