Support forms the way you build

ZEGO prides itself on providing clients with all the technical information associated with building the ZEGO Walls and Floors.

Due to our high level of expertise within the Building industry, we are also able to assist our clients with a consultative service of all facets of the building process.

This is particularly helpful to Owner Builders who make up of 75% of our new clients.

Experienced Building professionals, Commercial Builders and Developers will benefit from the broad and diverse experience base of our Support team.

We are proud to acknowledge that 80% of our turnover is repeat customers and these include our Project Managers, Architects, Engineers, Developers, Builders and Installers.

If you have a project with excessive spans and loadings or unusual requirements, our Support team specialize in providing customized solutions for any sized project.

Available for download are technical manuals for both walls and floors including span tables, fire ratings including BAL areas, acoustic ratings and thermal ratings etc.

If you prefer a more one on one service, the ZEGO Training Sessions provide an indepth face to face training on the complete installation process of the ZEGO Building Systems.