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The Challenge

Luxury Home Builders, Knight Building Group based in Melbourne have been setting records in Melbourne’s Designer Home market. Their commitment to 7 Star Plus Sustainable Homes at an affordable cost are testament to their growing success. However, with success come the challenges of staying innovative and offering something niche in the market place. Knights identified their homes needed to be elegant and functional with sustainability to set them apart and give them the edge.

The Solution

Knight’s primary focus was to select an innovative choice of quality materials for their construction. ZEGO Building Systems was their chosen wall structure as the Insulated Concrete Forms provide a reinforced concrete structure with a stay in place insulation to achieve a very strong structural quality and an insulating envelope in one process. For this project, ZEGO supplied its fire rated FireFORM with 120mm concrete core for the walls on the boundary and the ZEGO 200 Series domestic HomeFORMS for the external walls. Knights contracted ZEGO Installer, Conty Constructions and his experienced crew to install the ZEGO walls.

The Result

By appointing an experienced ZEGO Installer, Knights were able to sub contract out the installation of the ZEGO walls to replace the brick layer or block layer and the perimeter timber frame. The speed at which the ZEGO Installers can erect the walls is a saving of 1-1.5 weeks per floor level of construction compared to conventional walls. The ease of ZEGO installation also significantly reduces the labour and material handling costs on site.
Knights achieved a highly insulated and sustainable home for no more cost than conventional brick or block work. They also achieved a stronger structural integrity and the benefit of significant thermal and acoustic properties from using the ZEGO Insulated Concrete Forms. Knight Building Group continually strives for excellence in construction and continue to set the bar high without compromising on their mission statement of “Building Luxurious Designer Homes….Sustainably”

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