Our ZEGO Commercial FireFORM Building System is available in 60mm and 100mm thicknesses

  • ZEGO a metric building system 300mm i.e. 7 course = 2100 door heads, 8 course 2400 window heads and floor to floor levels 2700-3000-3300-3600 etc
  • Can cut to suit different heights easily
  • Suitable for residential applications requiring a full fire rating i.e. All Bush Fire Attack Levels from BAL-LOW to BAL-FZ area construction and on or within 900mm of a boundary
  • Suitable for commercial applications (party walls, boundary walls, multi-story developments)
  • Two foam panels connected with 6 plastic interconnects
  • The 6 interconnects per form lock the panels horizontally and vertically
  • Forms are assembled on the setout marks eliminating double handling associated with manufacture then lay systems
  • Designed for precise reinforcement placement and concrete cover as per AS 3600 part 5.7.4
  • Full certification as per AS3600 and AS3959-2009 for structural and fire rating
  • Fully encapsulated/Protected monolithic reinforced concrete
  • Positive male and female interlocks to eliminate sideways slippage during concrete pour
  • Construct corners and tee intersections with the same forms due to the engineered interlock
  • This engineered interlock eliminates the need for expensive corner forms
  • A patented locking mechanism allows the blocks to lock together in increment of approximately 50mm
  • A patented Dovetail groove for render, stone and plasterboard support
  • Manufactured to fully engineered and quality assured tolerances
  • ZEGO wall thicknesses = concrete core size plus panel thickness each side
  • External Finishes include but not limited to are Acrylic textured or smooth coloured render allow 8mm+2mm for Acrylic base and top coat renders, Stone – Stack stone, tiles, Alucabond, Batten and weatherboard, MiniOrb, ColorBond
  • Internal Finishes include but not limited to are plasterboard allow 10mm or 13mm plus 5mm cornice cement as adhesive, 8mm+1mm for Acrylic base and setcoat coat renders or stone or tile thickness
  • ZEGO FireFORM has a Design Registered Render Lock Dovetail Groove that mechanically locks the render to the ZEGO Flame Retardant INSUL8 “F” Grade EPS with self-extinguishing properties
  • Print Wall Combination Chart

Commercial FireFORM (ICFs Usage Chart )FireFORMFRLConcreteAs a
Panel ThicknessLengthHeightThicknessm3/m2m2/m3
Used for party walls & boundary walls where fire rating is required. FireFORMS can be assembled using various thicknesses of insulating panel combinations. ZEGO interconnects of variable width allow for casting variable concrete thicknesses. Combinations of the panels plus interconnect (concrete width) width.60mm
1143300x/90/9080mm0.10810.3up to 0.9m
1143300x/90/90100mm0.10810.3up to 2.1m
1143300x/120/120120mm0.1288.3up to 2.1m
1143300x/180/180150mm0.1586.7Engineered to suit surcharge loads
FRL as per AS 3600 and accessed by BRANZ Report No:FAR 2469 (x = Engineers Design to AS3600 5.7.4) R value = approximately R1.5 per 50mm of insulation plus finishes and fillings