Our ZEGO ReFORM System is a reusable formwork solution made from recycled plastic, which does not require the foam insulation

ReFORM Usage ChartReFORMFRLConcreteAs a
Panel thicknessLengthHeightThicknessm3/m2m2/m3
Used as a reusable form for one side with FireFORM or on both sides leaving just concrete. Ideal for lift pits, detention tanks, pools,lift shafts, planter boxes, retaining walls and stairwells. ideal for the contractor as it saves 300% on material handing eliminating horizontal and vertical lumber to support like traditional formwork. Multiple re-uses saves money each time it’s used.19mm1143300x/90/90100mm0.1010.3up to 2.1m
19mm1143300x/120/120120mm0.128.33up to 2.4m
19mm1143300x/180/180165mm0.176.06up to 2.7m
19mm1143300x/240/240195mm0.205.133.0+ Site Specific Engineering Required

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