Our Environmental Sustainability Commitment to you

The human race is faced with a dilemma that is impacting our way of life and every other living thing on Earth and our planet.

All activities such as energy provision, transport, manufacturing, construction, farming and more are emitting carbon into the atmosphere and this is called Greenhouse gases.

This is a global concern that ZEGO Building Systems takes very seriously.

To show our commitment to reducing the impact of carbon emissions, we are currently working with relevant Planning and Government bodies to do our part towards achieving the net-zero emissions goal by 2050.

ZEGO is already operating a sustainable manufacturing process and offering our clients a building system that can naturally reduce energy consumption.

 We are aligning ourselves with Freight forwarder/ Transport partners who are incorporating zero-emission fleets and contactless and electronic consignment processes.

Low energy consumption is also at the forefront of net zero building design and ZEGO offers huge benefits to reduce energy, waste and is also 100% recyclable.

Improved energy performance of buildings presents a win-win-win opportunity, reducing stress on the electricity network, offering bill savings, supporting a least-cost pathway to a zero-carbon built environment and improving health and resilience outcomes for households and businesses.

What is a NET Zero Building?

A NET Zero building consumes less energy than it produces. By incorporating highly efficient insulation methods, using sustainable and energy efficient materials that enable onsite power generation as well as implementing solar passive design, architects and designers are creating self- sustaining homes that reduce energy consumption and deliver significant benefits to the occupants.

 The Princes Terrace’s project in Adelaide ( 2016) supplied by ZEGO officially received the first 6 Star Green Star ‘As Built’ accreditation from the Green Building Council of Australia