ZEGO Insulated ZlabFORM vs Traditional Concrete Slab

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When it comes to constructing floors, there are many options available. However, with the growing need for energy-efficient buildings, more people are looking for insulated flooring options. This is where the ZEGO ZlabFORM comes into play, as it is an insulated concrete slab that offers several benefits over traditional concrete slabs. Traditional concrete slabs are

Sustainability Net Zero Emissions

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Our Environmental Sustainability Commitment to you The human race is faced with a dilemma that is impacting our way of life and every other living thing on Earth and our planet. All activities such as energy provision, transport, manufacturing, construction, farming and more are emitting carbon into the atmosphere and this is called Greenhouse gases.

Built Design Awards Winner 2022

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Congratulations to Robert Harwood Architects who has been awarded with a 2022 Built Design Award by an international jury in Zurich, Switzerland last week. BLT Built Design Awards recognize and honour the expertise of all professionals involved in the realization of outstanding projects on a global basis. The BLT Built Design Awards judges were impressed

Fact Vs Fiction: Top 5 myths about insulated concrete formwork explained

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Insulated concrete formwork or ICF is a sustainable alternative to traditional residential and commercial building construction practices. ICF is rapidly gaining recognition in the construction industry as a robust, high performance yet affordable building system that delivers numerous advantages to any build. However, some specifiers continue to be sceptic about this innovative concrete form. As

Family home lost to bushfire rebuilt with ZEGO FireForm modular formwork

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David and Caroline lost their beautiful home to the devastating bushfires that ripped through Mornington Peninsula in 2016. Located on a picturesque 2.5 acres at Crib Point, their predominantly timber-clad home was a treasure trove of years of racing car memorabilia, trophies, and eclectic collectibles acquired over many years of David's racing and travelling. When

Insulated Concrete Formwork Advantages with ZEGO

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ZEGO are proud manufacturers and suppliers of insulated concrete formwork. For over two decades, the Australian company has offered this sustainable alternative to traditional residential and commercial building construction. ICF is rapidly gaining recognition in the industry for its numerous benefits and yet some specifiers still remain skeptical. ZEGO explores some of the reasons why;

Multiple Award Winning Home features ZEGO ReFORM

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Congratulations to Blue Eco Homes and Alexander Symes Architect for their brilliant leadership and collaboration in sustainable construction and design. ZEGO supplied its ReFORM product (a strippable, reusable & recyclable plastic) formwork system for the off-form concrete interior walls which feature strongly throughout the home. The ReFORM cast a solid reinforced concrete exposed thermal mass

Insulated Concrete Forms for Walls & Floors from ZEGO

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At ZEGO, you’ll discover a range of game-changing insulated concrete forms for wall and floor construction, which are proven to help improve construction efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. Significantly lightweight, they require less on-site labour and can be erected quickly plus efficiently without the need for a crane or forklift. Once they are core-filled

Construction nearing completion at Karuah’s Lionel Morten Oval

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Works are nearing completion on the construction of a modern sports facility at Karuah’s Lionel Morten Oval and ZEGO Building Systems supplied their ReFORM strippable formwork to cast an Off-form concrete finish on the new amenities block. Two levels of Government, Cricket NSW and the Port Stephens community have worked together to make this project

Building “Green” with ICF

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Building with Insulated Concrete Form or ICF is sustainable. While some might question the green credentials of ICF, given that it consists of an expandable polystyrene (EPS) barrier filled with concrete, the truth is that ICF does not utilise natural resources such as timber, making it an environmentally responsible method of construction. Limestone, which makes

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